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Locavore is a commercial kitchen incubator where we give food entrepreneurs a home. We have more than 50 food entrepreneurs in 4 commercial kitchens. Additionally, we have a historical and versatile indoor and outdoor event venue perfect for any special occasion.


The concept of Locavore was spearheaded by Cortney Gumbleton, a former nonprofit executive who lived on a farm in Azle and sold her cage-free chicken eggs to restaurants in downtown Fort Worth. As she explored supplying other products for local chefs, she discovered a limit on what she could manufacture at home, mostly confined to baked goods (that do not require refrigeration) through the Texas Cottage Food Law. She needed a commercial kitchen if she were to expand her product line.
Carlo, Co-Owner of Z's Cafe, a catering company and commercial kitchen
Through her research she learned that there were only three rent-by-the-hour commercial kitchens in the area. One happened to be owned by her friend, Carlo Capua at Z's Café in Fort Worth's Near Southside. Carlo often rented time in his kitchen to fledgling entrepreneurs who needed a one-off place to bake a wedding cake, jar pickles, make salsa, or cater a large event.
He had been doing this for 5 years and noticed demand increasing (he was getting calls almost daily). However, he turned away a majority of would-be renters because their cold and dry storage needs were more than his facility could handle. Cortney and Carlo decided to team up and launch Locavore to capitalize on this growing demand. Coincidentally, a commercial kitchen space became available for rent, which also had an event venue space (previously known as the Bastion).
New Sign thanks to Don Smith Signs
They opened Locavore in the summer, and almost immediately they were flooded with calls and e-mails from aspiring entrepreneurs. By late July, Locavore had completely filled its storage capacity and was booking events in the venue.
Locavore manages four different commercial kitchens in the Near Southside to serve the foodie entrepreneur community.